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From today we put on the road this new vehicle for transporting liquid food.

This type of transport is very important to us because seven days a week we have to guarantee the collection of milk in the farms.
For this reason, the vehicle must be reliable in mechanical and electronic structure as well as having a specific tank.

In Scania we found what we wanted, a vehicle with 4 axles arranged according to our needs, with a short wheelbase to enter even the tightest places, with a robust frame, to ensure greater stability given the load volume and the type of product transported.

In addition to these details, it was crucial for us to choose Scania for the automatic transmission, equipped with Clutch on demand and retarder at low speeds. Even though the cabin is short, it is equipped with all the comforts and spaces for a relaxed driving.

Regarding the equipment we chose an isothermal tank (ATP) of Santi Cisterne in polished stainless steel, designed to work in collection by pump with n. 4 compartments and n. 4 drains.

scania trasporto latte Villani