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Transport and milk collection

We have always been convinced that the source of all our inspiration and wealth comes from nature, so we decided to dedicate one of our vehicles to the collection of milk for the neighbouring farms near our registered and operational headquarters

The transport of milk collection can present several challenges such as:

☑️ Quality preservation: Milk is a highly perishable product and requires specific transport conditions to preserve its quality. We know that it is essential to maintain the cold chain to avoid bacterial growth and degradation of the organoleptic properties of milk.

☑️ Delivery times: milk must be collected within precise deadlines to guarantee product quality. Being on time is essential to preserve the freshness of the milk and ensure that it is suitable for further processing.

☑️ Food safety: It is important to maintain strict hygiene standards during transport to avoid contamination of the milk with pathogens or unwanted substances.

We know how to meet these challenges through meticulous planning, efficient logistics management and the synergy of all players involved in the milk chain such as producers, transporters and dairies.