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What is it and when to use an exceptional transport?

Exceptional transport, also known as extraordinary transport or special transport, is a type of transport of goods or equipment that exceeds the dimensions, weight or standard characteristics of common transport vehicles.

This service usually involves the transfer of large objects, such as industrial machinery, power plant components, prefabricated structures, heavy vehicles, modular buildings, ships, aircraft or parts thereof, or any other cargo that requires a special approach to transport.

In order to realise the perfect abnormal load transport, a number of important steps/steps must be taken with the sole objective of transporting the load safely to its final destination.

These are the main steps that we as a transport and logistics company follow to realise the perfect abnormal load transport:

☑️ We assess in detail the feasibility of the route with dedicated inspections thanks to a professionally competent team;

☑️ We directly take care of the application for the correct permits and authorisations from the competent bodies;

☑️ We take care of securing the load. We ensure proper securing of the load to prevent unwanted movements during transport;

☑️ We identify the driver and use the necessary means for the type of load to be handled;

☑️ We constantly monitor the punctuality and arrival of the load at its final destination.