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Waste transport

In order to be able to transport waste, it is necessary to hold the correct authorisations and licences from the competent authorities for the category you want to cover.

We have been in possession of the necessary authorisation for the collection and transport of non-hazardous special waste for 10 years.

We can perform this service for the following category 4-E, for which category we provide suitably equipped vehicles such as flatbeds.

We list here in brief a number of wastes that we can handle, for example:

☑️ Waste consisting of crushed stone from limestone screening;

☑️ Waste from the processing of iron, steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals or their alloys;

☑️ Defecation lime.

As a company, we believe strongly in training. It is indeed essential to train the operators involved in the transport of waste, who must have an in-depth knowledge of the sector and apply, where necessary, all safety techniques during transport such as safe handling of the load involved.