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Lifting and crane service

In order to provide a complete service to our customers, we are able to offer, in addition to the transport service, lifting and laying with the aid of hydraulic and/or electric jacks and the use of sling bars as well.

We have crane trucks that can lift any type of load requested by the customer.
In fact, lifting requires a high degree of attention, precision and considerable knowledge of the vehicle and the safety regulations to be adopted.

This is why, after many years of activity, we are able to provide an excellent service to our customers because, thanks to the know-how we have developed, our operators have acquired the necessary professionalism and are consequently responsible for crane lifting of large loads in even the smallest spaces while respecting, as always, the safety regulations and guidelines specific to the type of work required, avoiding damage to structures and goods.

In fact, our cranes, as well as all lifting equipment, undergo regular maintenance as required by current safety regulations.
With our cranes we can carry out different types of lifting and laying work, such as:

☑️ Steel tanks

☑️ Fibreglass feed silos

☑️ Wooden roofs/beams/pillars

☑️ Photovoltaic panels

☑️ Industrial robots

☑️ Car washing systems

☑️ Industrial cranes