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Industrial sector

Transport of industrial machinery

Transport in the industrial sector refers to the movement of goods or equipment of dimensions or weights outside conventional standards. This type of transport is necessary when the size or weight of goods exceeds the limits permitted by normal road regulations.

Exceptional transport requires detailed planning and special authorisations to ensure the safety of people and infrastructure along the route. It often involves the use of special vehicles, such as trucks with extendable trailers, mobile cranes or specific transport platforms.

Here you will find several applications for which exceptional transport may be required in this sector:

☑️ Industrial equipment: Heavy machinery such as generators, turbines, reactors or large components must be transported from factories to installation sites. This equipment may require exceptional transport to overcome obstacles such as bridges, sharp bends or roads with limited roadways.

☑️ Prefabricated constructions: Prefabricated elements such as bridges, beams or large components for buildings and infrastructure must be transported from production sites to construction sites. These components may require special vehicles and dedicated routes to ensure safe and damage-free delivery.

☑️ Mining industry: In the mining or oil industry, exceptional transports may be required to move heavy machinery or plant components to and from extraction or refining sites. These transports often take place in remote areas and require careful planning to overcome the challenges of limited terrain and infrastructure.

For this sector too, we specialise and can take every special measure to ensure road safety, load protection and a highly qualified workforce.