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It all began in 2005, thanks to the vision of its founder Sergio Villani hence the name of the company Villani Trasporti Srl, he decided to start his own business as a transport company for construction machinery and materials.


In the following years, Villani Trasporti grew steadily thanks to the synergy with its partners, expanding its know-how in the first exceptional transports, continuously investing in a fleet of specialised vehicles and training a team of experts in exceptional transport.


With the increase in new market demands, the company decided to enter different sectors by offering more transport services, such as industrial, agricultural, oil & gas, waste and food sectors, thus increasing the number of owned vehicles and company personnel.


As the company continued to grow, it decided to expand, purchasing a 6,000 square metre area for the storage of its own vehicles and for storing its customers’ goods.


Villani Trasporti believes in quality and respect for the environment, and has decided to partially replace its vehicle fleet, purchasing the latest generation of vehicles, in compliance with emissions standards.

The company is a great believer in innovation and always tries, thanks to cutting-edge technological solutions, to plan and monitor exceptional transports in real time, guaranteeing that each load arrives at its destination safely and efficiently.


With growth also comes new challenges. The heavy haulage sector is known for its logistical and regulatory challenges, but thanks to a competent team, these are met with determination. The company thus acquires a reputation over the years for optimal permit, inventory and route management.


Today Villani Trasporti does not stop and invests in new resources in the lifting, heavy goods and food transport sectors, raising the quality standard ever higher, guaranteeing each of its customers truly EXCEPTIONAL transport!

The mission remains the same: to provide reliable, safe and efficient exceptional transport services.