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We offer our customers both an outdoor and an indoor storage service as we have an outdoor space of 6,000 sqm and an indoor space of 1,000 sqm.

This type of service, which we provide for our customers, has a crucial function in the handling of goods, as it guarantees a safe space in which to store one’s own goods, and on the other hand guarantees us as a company a timely delivery of the cargo.

We also place great importance on the verification and registration of the goods we receive, which are checked and inspected for quantity, integrity and correspondence with the shipping documents.

Secondly, we arrange the goods inside and/or outside the warehouse according to different types of criteria such as fragility, type of goods and/or specific customer requirements.

Throughout the process, we record goods information such as arrivals and departures and various quantities.
This information helps us generate reports and monitor operational efficiency.