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Agricultural sector

Transport of agricultural machinery

Transport in the agricultural sector involves the transfer of agricultural machinery or large equipment from one place to another. Agricultural machinery may include tractors, combine harvesters, seed drills, fertilizer spreaders and other heavy or non-heavy tools used in agriculture.

Transporting agricultural machinery can be a complex operation due to the size and weight of the equipment involved. Often, these machines exceed the standard dimensions of road vehicles and require special treatment to ensure their safe transfer.

Thanks to our company know-how, we know how to transport agricultural cargo in total safety. In fact, with the use of our specialized trailers and/or semi-trailers, we are able to support the weight and size of the agricultural equipment. Some of our trailers are equipped with hydraulic systems for lifting and lowering machines, as well as special tracks or wheels to ensure stability during transport.

Like all transport we carry out must be carried out in full compliance with safety rules to avoid damage to equipment, other vehicles and road users. To ensure that the magical world of transport works, our Team of hauliers is adequately trained and equipped with specialist knowledge to ensure safe and efficient movement.