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Transport of machinery


Transportation in the construction and machine industries field is a crucial activity that requires specialized skills and attention to details.

Operating machines, such as excavators, cranes, bulldozers, mechanical loaders and so on, often need to be moved from one site to another to meet project requirements. These machines, in fact, can be extremely heavy and cumbersome, and therefore require special transport to ensure road safety and equipment protection.

The core business in our company, for years specialized in exceptional transport for these types of machinery, is to engage every day to have and offer excellent knowledge on local and international regulations, which very often vary, transport routes and special transport capacity.

Another fundamental point is to be able to efficiently coordinate the routes with the owners of the roads involved in the loading/unloading journey, with the aim of obtaining the necessary permits to plan the perfect exceptional transport.

The construction sector requires high professional skills, attention to detail and compliance with local regulations, essential ingredients for a truly exceptional transport.