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Mercedes SLT 4163
Our year starts by putting on the road a new vehicle for heavy exceptional transports.
For this type of transport, we wanted a complete vehicle, characterized by a good performance and comfort.
We found these characteristics in the vehicle Mercedes SLT 4163.

A brilliant engine, Euro 6 with 630 hp of power, able to easily carry heavy loads even on the most difficult roads.
Furthermore, thanks to the cooling system, the turbo-clutch and the Power Shift 3 gearbox, it has the possibility to insert gear programs targeted to the type of use.

Moreover, the strength of the axles, the support plate for semi-trailers, the PTO flanged to the engine are for us fundamental elements that make this vehicle perfect for our needs.
Last but not least, the cab offers the driver, during such a demanding activity, the perfect comfort and roominess for working and resting.


trasporti eccezionali peanti