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Among the novelties regarding our fleet, we mention the purchase of a Scania road tractor dedicated to the transport of wheels.

We chose a Scania vehicle built according to our requirements for the quality of the accessories.

Among the unique features of this type of vehicle we can list the automatic transmission, equipped with clutch on demand that allows the driver to enable, if necessary, the use of the manual clutch to have greater control during particularly delicate maneuvers and the Retarder at low speeds.

To these features, there is also the Overdrive system that improves the gear ratio by reducing engine rpm and leading to fuel savings.

In order to reduce fuel consumption, we chose a more aerodynamic cabin even if complete with all comforts for the driver including soundproofing.

We operate throughout the national, international and European territory providing exceptional transport services, logistics, conventional transport and crane lifting.

We guarantee our customers vector insurance and insurance on transported goods.

Trattore Scania Villani Trasporti