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Gender equality is a very important issue for us, and facing to this matter today is fundamental.
Today, there is a certification that deals with this important theme.

This certification is recognized by the Equal Pay Act and the Budget Act 2022, established by the PNRR, to employers who have implemented concrete policies and measures to reduce the gap between men and women about growth opportunities in the company, Equal pay, welfare and much more.

Transports and logistics sectors are still a predominantly male sector, our company believes that gender equality should start from here, breaking down the classic stereotypes men and women.
For this reason, our company, strongly believes that the future starts from the innovation.
An innovation that must be not only digital and technological, but also cultural in order that the employment of women can increasingly be a CONCRETE hypothesis.

We are informing and committing ourselves to achieve this important goal of certification, this could help us eliminate these stereotypes, rooted in a rather patriarchal society and attract future talents.

In Italy, the presence of women in the transports and logistics sectors – according to Istat data – are in the European average (21.8%), which translates into 222,000 employees against 795,000 men.
If we focus on the operational professions in the transport sectors, the percentage of females is only 2,1% for an amount of 14.000 women

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