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Villani Srl was founded in 2005 as a transport company for machinery and building materials.


Thanks to the synergy with its own partners allows Villani Srl to expand its core business by starting to make the first exceptional transports.


The increase of market demands leads Villani Srl to enter in new sectors, such as industry and agriculture, so Villani srl purchases from 3 to 7 vehicles increasing its staff.


Thanks to the support and trust of its customers, Villani Srl, purchases an area of 6000 square meters for the storage of its vehicles and for the storage of goods of its customers.


Villani Srl is always focused on quality and respect for the environment, leading the company to replace its fleet of vehicles purchasing latest generation vehicles in compliance with the latest emission standards.


Today, Villani Srl never stop and invests new resources in lifting, heavy goods and food transports, raising the quality standard to allow every customer an EXCEPTIONAL transport!